Andrew Levitas Artwork
If you have yet to hear of Andrew Levitas, we’re here to instruct you to crawl out from under the rock which you’ve been hiding and join the land of luxe living. On your trek back to where the tastemakers live and breathe, we must also insist that you do not pass go without penciling in a trip to Bridgehampton on America’s birthday to celebrate Levitas’ next show at Mark Borghi Fine Art.
Andrew Levitas Painting
Andrew Levitas looks pretty tough until he takes off his sunglasses. Then he relaxes his muscular frame and begins to act a little bit more like the prolific mixed-media artist that he is: sensitive, sincere, and engaged with his surroundings.
Andrew Levitas with sculpture
He made headlines last month when he married Katherine Jenkins — now American artist Andrew Levitas will be in the spotlight alone when he holds his first exhibition in London.

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